Active public spaces modernisation for active neighbours - phase II

About the project titled: "Modernization of Active Public Spaces for Active Neighbours - Phase II" (no. LT-PL/193).


This publication is one of the results of the project "Modernization of Active Public Spaces for Active Neighbours - Phase II" (No. LT-PL/193) implemented by two Polish partners: District of Suwałki and Municipality of Wiżajny in cooperation with two Lithuanian partners: Local Authorities of Vilkaviškis District Municipality and the Šešupė Euroregion Tourist Information Centre in Šakiai. Through this joint venture, each of the partners has managed to improve their public infrastructure meant to serve both visitors to and residents of these border regions.


The District of Suwałki performed two investments at Bolcie (Municipality of Wiżajny), near the tripoint of the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Russia.  One of them is a car park with an access road. The car park has been equipped with a season WC, an original three-cornered rain shelter and small architecture. An interesting addition is the installed here electronic thermometer display of the temperatures of the Polish pole of cold linked to the District's website. The second investment was the construction of a pedestrian/cycling path leading to the tripoint including places where visitors can rest. Another action was marking 50 different objects of interest located in the District.


The Municipality of Wiżajny laid asphalt on a stretch of the country road connecting the District car park with the road No. 651


The local authorities of the Vilkaviškis District Municipality created recreational facilities with a complex of services in the Viščiakaimis settlement, on Lake Paezieriai. They also constructed a place for launching vessels, a floating pier and a car park.


The Šešupė Euroregion Tourist Information Centre in Šakiai also built recreational facilities in Panoviai on the Šešupė. This includes a floating pier for kayaks, a camping site and an information board. Moreover, the Šešupė kayaking trail has been marked with 14 signposts along a 45 km long stretch of the river.


The projecthas been co-financed in 85% by the European Regional Development Fund under Objective 3: European Territorial Co-operation, Cross-border Co-operation Programme Lithuania- Poland 2007-2013.